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Italian producer and remixer Stefano Ruffini aka Steevo  is an eclectic and creative dj. In the last years he has developed his style in Nu Disco, House Funk and Deep House music.


He played at Stay Here and  Mind Festival in 2016, at Mind in front of 6000 people he open the Planet Funk concert, receiving numerous consents. Appears in 2017 on Carosello Record with 'Sdims' remix from Yombe, Italian electronic-pop band.


Very popular for private parties he has played in many Italians clubs as Babau, Gate Clubbing, Magga, Mamamia, Studio 54, Baia Imperiale, Juno999, Gratis, Aqua Disco Village and more.

He has released music for some labels like Sprechen, Paper  Recording, Golden Soul, K&D Lab, Kraak, Timewarp Music, OGS, PumpTheCut, NuJazz, Tafuzzi Record.

Always looking for new feeling, he collaborates and works in the studio with musicians and producers. In the years he worked on:

+Diabolico Coupe' band for the homonymous album and in 2007 he released the remix of their single 'Lavorare' with the participation also of Man in Skratch, Crookers, Ominostanco e Fitness Pump.

+In 2008 begins a collaboration with the duo DoctorMusic Project: their latest release is the album Party Has Just Begun (2012), published Timewarp Music (Athens), which include feauturing like Danny Losito (voice from Double Dee) and Agostino M. Ticino.

+In 2011 the Organically Grown Sounds (OGS) public 'Beautiful' (Steevo Extra Dub Remix) as one of best remix on The Electric web site, band producted by the famous beat-maker  Dj Vadim.

+In 2012 released 'Sketches of Mood' of  Steevo & Soundshaker project with guitarist-avant composer Andrea Lodico. Miss Gray, the first single, is a seductive pop-funk song used by International brand Lormar for youtube video advertisement.








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